BC081 Portable Tea Set

Product No.:BC081
Size:Pot 12.5*5.6cm
Capacity:Pot 150ml
Material:Selected porcelain clay

Package Include:1 Tea pot,4 Cups,1 Tea tray and 1 Bag. Service for Four

This tea set was made finely and carefully with the special technology of Ru ware,Graceful shape,warm and moistening as a jade,elegant with classic simplicity.This is a mobile tea equipment ! Your tea  ceremony never looked so good while away from home!(Ru ware,from Ru kilns,is a famous  style and rare variety of chinaware from the Song Dynasty, they were commissioned to produce Celadon ware for the  imperial court.Ru ware is distinguished by its intense colour, a unique blue-gray and the distinctive "crackle" in glaze,the beautiful and irregular shape of the "crackle" make  every tea set unique and unpredictable.)